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Want a Sushi Party on a Budget?

Order One of Our Gourmet Sushi Platters!

    So you want to have some friends over for some of the best sushi and sashimi in the world, but you don't want to spend the money to bring a world-class chef into your home. What do you do?

     You order in! We're now proud to offer a selection of our finest gourmet cuisine in a "To-Go" format. Call us up and tell us when you need your platter, and we'll have it ready for you to pickup.

    Depending on where in Southern California you are, we may even be able to deliver! So please peruse our offerings, and give us a call at 310-435-7514 to place your order.

Our Sushi Party Platter.
Our Gold Platter - $108
160 pieces of sushi - serves 10-12 people

5 Spicy Tuna rolls.
5 California rolls.
5 Spicy Salmon rolls.
5 Veggie rolls.
Our Platinum Platter - $168
98 pieces of sushi - serves 8-10 people

2 Spicy Tuna rolls
2 California rolls
2 Spicy Salmon rolls
10 pcs. Seard Ahi Tuna
10 pcs. Scottish Salmon
10 pcs. Cajun Albacore
10 pcs. Shrimp
10 pcs. Yellow Tail

Our Silver Platter - $50
24 pieces - all fish, and toppings

Black Pepper Tuna Tataki
Cajun Albacore Tataki
Salmon Carpaccio
Ono Carcaccio
Yellotail Picante

  Custom Platter - $100 min.  

Nigiri Sushi by piece
($3)Big eye Tuna     ($12)O-Toro      ($3)Ono      ($3.25)Cajun albacore      ($3.25)Pepper salmon      ($3.25)Unagi      ($3)Scottish salmon     ($4)Sockeye salmon     ($4)Japanese halibut      ($3.5)Yellowtail      ($4)Kampachi     ($5)Kinmedai      ($4)Black snapper     ($4) Aji      ($6) Sayori      ($3.5)Norway Saba      ($3.50)Tobikos (black, wasabi, red)     ($2)Quail egg      ($3)Shrimp      ($4.5))Hokkaido scallop      ($3)Octopus      ($3)Massago     ($4.5)Uni     ($17)Live Uni in shell     ($10)Live sweet shrimp     ($2.50)Tamago

Maki Rolls by units of 6-8

($6)Negi yellowtail
($7)Spicy Tuna
($7)Spicy Salmon
($8)Salmon & cream cheese
($8) Eel avocado
($8)Spicy shrimp and crab
($8)Spicy yellowtail
($10)Shrimp tempura

Our Signature Special Rolls

$15 each - cut into 8pcs, with topping. Please call for special roll’s details
Cajun Albacore
Pepper salmon
Ono O Yes
Mighty Rainbow
My Ex gf’s Roll
Fire cracker
Sexy Mexican
Jacky Chan
Green Hornet
Salmon Kiwi
Baby Lobster
*Or you can ask us to create you a roll base what you like


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